Heart from HEART

The Lemur Foundation is responsible for coordination of “HEART from HEART” initiative in south-west Poland as well as providing support in other provinces. As part of the initiative, we sew the heart-shaped pillows that carry the relief of pain after surgery for women after mastectomy. We would like to ask for your support to join […]

Return to work

We support people returning to professional activity and considering changing the industry, eg transition from laboratory work to a corporate IT environment. We help to find new opportunities and point out directions for development. Returning to professional activity or changing the industry is primarily driven by support from third parties who have know-how in the […]

Children education

Breaking away from everyday schooling to get straight into … science. A truly practical science, taken straight from the laboratory, intriguing and motivating to broaden knowledge. Children love to learn – but not in the format known to us from school lessons – that’s why we’re offering learning as unique kinesthetic experience, where participants hear […]

Sewing club

Sewing as a hobby is the most pleasant way of resting from work, home duties and everyday noise for us. We know that it is best to sit together, in a group, discussing about everything we want. For many people, especially women – mothers of small children or the elderly – it is very difficult […]

Charity auctions

Charity auctions are one of the funding sources for delivery of statutory objectives such as workshops for children and the sewing club. We have established and are still working with people who want to put their hand-made works at a charity auction to support the Lemur Foundation’s initiatives. We have started with patchwork and children’s […]