Sewing club

Sewing as a hobby is the most pleasant way of resting from work, home duties and everyday noise for us. We know that it is best to sit together, in a group, discussing about everything we want. For many people, especially women – mothers of small children or the elderly – it is very difficult to break away from everyday activities and take care of themselves for a moment. Therefore, even if you do not sew yet, but you’re eager / willing (and yes, men also sometimes sew and even patchworks!) to spend an afternoon or a day during the weekend creating a hand-made items or child’s clothing, for themselves or sewing a pillow or maybe wanting just sit by the canvas – you are welcome to join. Our mission is to reach as many places in Lower Silesia as possible (and maybe even further), and involve local sewing groups that will get engaged and will regularly (more or less) meet, to make something for themselves with a thread and needle – and win a moment for themselves in the process.

We have the meeting kicking off in in Wroclaw – more information will be available on our facebookj profile.

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