Hi – it’s great that you are here with us – we really need your help!

As you know, we’re organizing various activities for children, young people and local communities. We also sew or create things that are being sold and profits used for helping others. However, as every emerging NGO we need help.

At the moment, our main needs are:

Workshops for children:
– Microscopes (preferably with a magnification of x100), Thoma chambers and laboratory accessories
– Projector + remote
– Laptop

For the sewing workshops where we create for charity auctions:
sewing machines with accessories
– sewing materials
– fabrics

For charity auctions:
– if you create handicraft out of passion and want to help others, contact us – we help sell handicrafts at foreign auctions and profits go directly into additional activities for kids

What is important – while helping others – you can help yourself, because all donations can be deducted from your income and thanks to that you can pay lower taxes (the limit of deduction is 6% of annual income for individuals and 10% for companies).

For each material donation, we will prepare a contract that is the basis for a tax deduction.

You can always simply deposit money.

We will use them for:

  • covering the costs of external workshops (renting a room, meals, accessories for children)
  • financing additional activities for children, which we can not lead alone

The management costs of our foundation are zero, our CEO or board does not make any money out of it, and the administrative costs are covered by ourselves, so you can be sure that your help will go entirely to those in need.

We will always be happy to talk about a different form of cooperation:

  • maybe you know companies or people who could help us
  • you can lead some workshops for kids by yourself – either educational or related to handicrafts
  • maybe you have some other idea what we could do together – let us know

How you can donate:

Money transfer:


IBAN: PL11114020040000310277581039




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